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eDiscovery & Administrative Management of Sways


•Sway activities are available in the Audit Log of the S&C
•Sways are held in a blob storage in Azure, so are not stored in Exchange or SharePoint
•Because Sways are not in the purview of Exchange or SharePoint, you cannot place them on eDiscovery holds or capture them in content searches
•No PowerShell module exists that can manage Sways from a tenant admin perspective, like Whiteboard.
•Additionally, because they are not stored in Exchange or SharePoint, and there is not a PowerShell module, you cannot transfer ownership of a Sway(s) to another user.

What we need:
1. PowerShell management and/or O365 administrative view of Sways in our tenant
2. Ability to transfer sways from one account to another
3. Sways to be owned by a group or SharePoint site, not just the user
4. eDiscovery capabilities - if a person or site is placed on hold, that their Sways are included
5. Overall reporting of Sways across a tenant - title, link, owner, created DT, modified DT, shared status

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