How do I add content?

You can add new content cards by accessing the Add Content button, which looks like a big “+” sign at the bottom left of a Card.


Clicking the Add Content button will show the Add Content options, which allows you to add specific types of Cards, such as a Header Card, Text Card, Image Card, Video Card, Tweet Card, or add a Layout Card.


The specific buttons on Add Content are:

  • Header – This command allows you to add a Header Card within your Sway. Header Cards add hierarchical structure to your Sway. Think of each Header Card added to your Sway as adding a new section in your Sway.
  • Text – This command allows you to add a Text Card within your Sway. Text Cards will contain most of your textual content.
  • Media – This command will bring up the Add Content Pane, which allows you to add images, videos, and tweets from your content sources.
  • Upload – This command allows you to upload images or import Office documents from your local device.
  • Layout – This command will bring up the Layout Pane, which allows you to add Layout Cards, such as a Stack Card or Group Card.


The Add Content Pane


The Add Content pane allows you to choose a source to add content from, such as OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or your local device.  Currently, the default source is OneDrive.

Machine generated alternative text:
My Device



Just choose your source and navigate (or search) for the content you want to add.  You can drag and drop content from the Add Content Pane directly into your Storyline, or, you can select more than one item and select the Add button in the upper right.


Give us feedback

We want to hear from you!  Give us your thoughts and suggestions via the Sway Suggestion Box on topics such as:


  • What other sources would you like to easily add content from ?  e.g. Instagram, Vine, Dropbox, etc.
  • What kinds of content are you most interested in ? e.g. local video, music, recorded audio, etc.
  • And much more…


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