Stack and Group Cards

Stack Card

A Stack Card represents zero or more cards. The Stack Card is rendered in a stacked manner within Sway.

At this time, only Image Cards can be added to a Stack Card. In the future, the Stack card will support other types of content as well.

The Stack Card is shown as a Collection Card within Storyline, which allows you to expand or collapse the Card. In the collapsed state, the Stack Card will show an Add Content placeholder region, which allows you to add to the end of the stack.


In the expanded state, the Stack Card looks similar to any other Collection Card and in this state you are able to specify the exact location when adding Cards. In this state, you can also select cards to reposition them through drag and drop, as well as select multiple cards to delete.



Group Card

Group Cards are similar to Stack Cards, except Group Cards can contain any type of Card. In other words, there are no restrictions when adding to a Group Card. Group Cards are rendered in a unique manner in Sway.

The intent of group is to 'keep these items together' visually.  How this is presented will vary based on your choice of mood.


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