Text Cards and the Text Toolbar

    Text Card

    Text Cards can contain zero or more paragraphs of text. Text contained within a Text Card is rendered as a continuous set of paragraphs within the Sway. You can break the flow of rendered text by separating text by using more than one Text Card.

    Text Toolbar

    You can modify text within any text region in your Storyline, such as the title, Text Card, caption, etc. by using the Text Toolbar. The Text Toolbar contains the following commands:

    • Header – This command takes the paragraph of text selected or the paragraph of text containing the IP and makes that paragraph a Header Card. In other words, the text from the paragraph is made into a header
    • Link – This command allows you to add a text hyperlink
    • Emphasis – This command allows you to specify your intent in terms of the visual interest of the text. For example, if you really want some text to stand out relative to other text, you can specify emphasis

    The Text Toolbar shows at the top of your Storyline and is shown whenever you are within a text region.


    What about all the other text formatting options?

    We know what you're thinking… what happened to good old bold, italics, underline and text color? We're working hard on our design engine so that you don't need to spend time tweaking the formatting of your content.  What you see today is just the beginning, and we have a lot more planned.  Tell us what kinds of effects you want to achieve and when you think you need to override Sway's auto formatting.


    Give us your feedback

    We want to hear from you - what you like, don't like, what you'd like to see in future versions of Sway by posting your suggestions and comments in the Sway Suggestion box.

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